After having a 3D mammogram at our hospital, Wendy discovered that she had breast cancer. Like her aunt before her. And her grandmother before that.

"When I first learned about the aggressive type of cancer I had, it was a slap to the face."

We were there to encourage her and keep her spirit strong.

Wendy is a published writer in sci-fi as well as other genres. In other words, she's always carried the creative gene. But following her breast cancer treatment with us, Wendy opted to complete one more step—our genetic screening process—and learned that she carried yet another rarity in her genes.

It’s called the CHEK2 mutation, which can double the risk for cancers in the breast, colon and potentially, the thyroid.

“Get screened. It could make all the difference.”

Wielding this newfound knowledge, Wendy is now carrying the torch for her family and their generations to come—notably, making sure her sisters are educated on the CHEK2 mutation, being proactive in screenings, and preventing hereditary cancers before they occur.

"Here’s my message: Get screened. It could make all the difference."

Wendy, who is occasionally called “Wendy Warrior Princess”, had just one plan with us initially: to beat cancer and get back to living her fullest life. She went through our advanced treatments. Worked alongside our specialists and nurses. Endured a major procedure. Found support groups both with us and online. Identified a pinpoint maintenance regimen through her oncologist. And simply put, faced her cancer with a warrior's resolve to conquer it.

“Life is too short to worry. Get out and live it."

“The MCMH staff are there as people first. I just love them. They are real people, we could be candid together, and we could just be ourselves,” Wendy said. “Even their ‘A Time to Heal’ support group helped alleviate my writer’s block, redefine my best life and do what makes me happiest moving forward. Life is too short to worry. Get out and live it.”

What originally was Wendy's plan to beat cancer, is now Wendy's plan to help others beat it by highlighting the life-changing importance of early screening.

Wendy is a breast cancer fighter and survivor. World traveler. Outdoor enthusiast. And a go-getter in life. She continues to write new books. And rewrite the story on cancer prevention.

“I’m maintaining my best health, but most importantly, I’m living a beautiful and carefree life. Family. Faith. Fishing. Writing. I’m filling my life with what I love.”

We couldn't be prouder to have been a constant supportive presence for Wendy—one victory after the next.

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