Lexi, who was expecting, had a straightforward plan that meant the world to her:

“I wanted my kids to be born in Red Oak.”

“I’ve known my doctor at MCMH my whole life and so has my family," Lexi said. Of course, we cherish that kind of trusted relationship with every patient—whether we’ve known them for two months or two decades.

But now comes a twist in Lexi’s story.

Upon having an anatomy scan at our hospital, she learned she was having twins! For a moment, it made her worry she’d have to travel elsewhere to receive care, derailing her plan.

We were able to quickly assure her that this wasn’t the case. The comprehensive care she needed for delivering twins was all right here at MCMH.

“Right away, Dr. Johnson explained everything to me about having twins and what it would be like. He just made my experience less scary from the start.”

To ensure Lexi wasn’t just well cared for, but well informed too, we also addressed her unique family history of fraternal twins, upcoming screenings, and potential risks—everything she needed to know.

“Anne, my nurse, was always there for me. Everybody was.”

“The communication was always so open, which was great. I was comfortable around everyone the whole time. I never felt silly asking questions. Anne, my nurse, was always there for me. Everybody was. If I had a late-night phone call to get a question off my mind, or even if my husband had a question, somebody was there in the Labor & Delivery department to answer it.”

When the time finally came, we gave Lexi the small army of support she deserved.

“The doctor, nurses, and staff—everybody was there to help me keep my calm in labor. And after all the intensity of twin childbirth, I knew my babies were in good hands. Because I knew my team of nurses personally.”

“I knew my babies were in good hands.”

Today, Lexi has two healthy, fraternal-twin boys: Finnley and Fischer.

“Dr. Butz is now their doctor,” Lexi said. “It was just a no-brainer to bring my boys back to MCMH.”

We couldn’t be prouder to hear that. And we couldn’t be more excited to continue that relationship with Lexi and her growing family—whatever the future might bring.

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