When Laura from Stanton decided to commit herself to a weight loss goal and a new, healthier lifestyle, she came to us for help. “I just wanted to be huggable again. To walk up a flight of stairs again. To sit comfortably in theater seats, airplane seats, amusement park seats. All of the simple joys.” It was an impressive goal: Losing 100 pounds and transforming her life.

“I just wanted to be huggable again.”

From the moment Laura walked through our doors, we worked side-by-side to develop a plan tailored to her busy life. Not a one-size-fits-all weight loss program—but a personalized plan that would truly help her achieve what she worried would otherwise be impossible.

We were all there for Laura, making her goal our own. Laura’s nurse practitioner, her dietitian, personal trainer, nurses and staff—we all shared her vision. From Nutritional Counseling to help her see food differently. To personal exercise training, support groups and coaching. To a specialized Health Improvement Program that provided her with a high-tech portable scale for her home—connected through a phone app charting her progress—which relayed all the numbers to her care manager in real time.

"The network of support was never-ending."

Now, after a year of hard work, victory is hers. Laura has exceeded her weight loss goals, regained her passion for life, and couldn’t be more happy and confident. “I not only lost weight, but maintained that loss. The program was truly that thorough and effective. I even had to resize my wedding ring.”

“I not only lost weight, but maintained that loss.”

Laura’s newfound energy and zeal are contagious. She now teaches fitness classes and inspires others. On top of that, she participates in our community 5k events, plays a lot more with her grandkids, and is on the worship team at her church.

“I didn’t know this me, was in me,” she said. “I look younger, feel like I have a new lease on life, and have set the example for my family that it can be done. My daughter even said to me, ‘Mom, you might not know this, but MCMH has probably saved your life.’”

The relationship that we’ve formed with Laura is deeply meaningful to us. Every new hurdle she overcomes, we celebrate, too.

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